Editor in Chief

Liudmila Massel, Dr.Sc. (Technology), professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation
head of the Department "Artificial Intelligence Systems in the Energy Sector", Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of the SB RAS

ORCID 0000-0002-9088-9012 WoS ResearcherID K-5060-2018 Scopus AuthorID 56440157300

Liudmila Vasilievna Massel graduated from the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering in the specialty "Applied Mathematics" in 1971, Doctor of Technical Sciences (1995). Chief Researcher, Head of the Department " Artificial Intelligence Systems in the Energy Sector" in Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS. Professor of Institute of Information Technology and Data Analysis in the Irkutsk National Research Technical University. Developer of Courses: “Intelligent Information Systems”, “Foundations of Decision Support Systems”, “Knowledge Management”, “Social Problems of Informatization”. Supervisor of 20 post-graduate students successfully defended dissertational works on the specialties "Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program complexes" and "System analysis, information processing and management". Expert and member of the expert council of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in the field of "Information and Computing Systems". Member of the program committees of several Russian and International conferences in the field of computer science. Founder and scientific leader of the annual Baikal All-Russian conference "Information and Mathematical Technologies in Science and Management" (since 1993). Organizer and supervisor of the annual International Workshop: "Critical infrastructures: contingency management, intelligent, agent-based, cloud computing and cyber security" (since 2014). Head of a number of projects supported by grants from the RFBR, the Program of the Presidium of the RAS and the Siberian Brunch of RAS in the field of intellectual and information resources integration, knowledge management and the creation of intelligent decision support systems in the energy sector of Russia. In the list of scientific works more than 350 articles in the field of intelligent technologies, semantic modeling, situational management, cyber security, the design of information systems and technologies, the development of intelligent decision support systems in the energy sector.

Email: massel@isem.irk.ru, lvmassel@gmail.com

Phone: +7 (3952) 500-646*441

The main publications in past ten years

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  2. Massel L.V., Arshinsky V.L., Massel A.G. Intelligent computing on the basis of cognitive and event modeling and its  application in  energy security studies / International Journal of Energy Optimization and Engineering, Special issue on: Mathematical and heuristic modeling and optimization of energy systems. - № 3(1). - January-March 2014.- Pp. 83-91.
  3. Massel L. Development and integration of intelligent computing, agent-based computing and cloud computing in Smart Grid // Zbornik radova Konferencije MIT [Mathematic and Information Technologies]-2013. - Beograd: Alfa univerzitet; Kosovska Mitrovica: Drustvo matematicara Kosova I Metoliije; Novosibirsk: Institute of Computational Technologies Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. - 2014 (Kraljevo: Grafkolor) - ISBN 978-86-80795-20-1. - Pp. 423-430.
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