Publishing ethics guidelines

Editorial board of the journal “Informational and mathematical technologies in science and management” expects authors to comply with the following international standards, developed by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE):

  • Study being published must be conducted in accordance with ethical and legal standards.
  • Authors should use reliable and verified methods both for data analysis and processing, and methods for results display (if required, you should consult with a specialist).
  • Upon editor's request, authors must provide evidence that study, described in paper, has necessary permits, and was conducted with accordance to ethical standards (e.g. copies of approvals, licenses, participants' consent forms)
  • Researchers must not publish or distribute identifiable personal data obtained without person's explicit permission (or its representatives)
  • Results must be presented clearly, honestly, without any falsification of data manipulation. Researchers should strive to describe their methods and present their discoveries in clear and unambiguous way. Article must provide sufficient information that other researchers would be able to repeat experiments.
  • Researchers should carefully check their publications at all stages to guarantee that all their methods and results are presented accurately. Authors should carefully check all their calculations, data presentations, formed documentation and proofs.
  • Researchers are collectively responsible for the content of their publication and must check it at all stages that all methods and results are described correctly. Authors must check calculations, formulas, tables, and graphic materials.
  • Researchers must comply following requirements: proposed article contains original material, is not a plagiarism and was not published anywhere at any language. Article cannot be sent simultaneously to several journals.
  • Researchers are collectively responsible for theirs work and article’s content. Appliable conventions and copyright law must be respected. Copyrighted materials (e.g. tables, numbers, or large quotes) may only be reproduced with the permission of their owners.
  • Authorship of data, text, pictures, and ideas, that was obtained by author from other sources must be specified. Author cannot claim authorship of such materials. Direct quotations of other researchers' works must be highlighted with quotation marks and provided with an appropriate reference.
  • Authorship of a research paper must accurately reflect the contributions of individuals to its carrying out and writing. Researchers must guarantee that only individuals who meet the criteria for authorship (those who made a significant contribution) are listed as authors and that authors who deserve authorship are not excluded from the list.
  • Researchers should strive for the most complete and unambiguous description of the used methods and results. Authors must use accepted style of research results’ presentation. Papers must contain enough information that other researchers would be able to repeat experiments. Limitations, used in research, must be explicitly specified. Authors must not reference to literature from other publications if they have not worked with this literature themselves.
  • Research centers and institutions should guarantee that their appointing system and research performance evaluation does not stimulate unacceptable practice such as duplicate publications, guest authorship and gift authorship.
  • Research report must be complete. It is unacceptable to omit information on inexplicable facts, contradictory data, and data that contradicts to authors’ or research sponsors’ theories and hypothesis.
  • New results must be presented in context of previous research. References should be made to the work of other scientists. The publication should include references to previous works related to it, both by the authors themselves and by other researchers. These references must be correct and accurate. In all possible cases, authors must refer to original source. Citations and references of other works should be correct and accurate.
  • Authors should disclose funding sources and potential conflicts associated with such sources.
  • Authors should comply generally accepted laws and conventions. Copyrighted material may only be reproduced with copyright holder's permission and with proper reference
  • Authors should notify editors that presented results were published earlier or there are works devoted to other type of analysis of the same data, etc., which are currently being reviewed in other journals. Copies of these works must be attached to the article.
  • Researchers guarantee that only those who made significant contributions to the work are included in the list of authors and that individuals, who deserved this, are not excluded.
  • Authors should cooperate with the editors to correct mistakes if any are found in the article.
  • Authors must comply with the requirement that article should be reviewed in only one journal at the same time.
  • Authors should reply to reviewers' comments appropriately and on time.
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