Rules for author

A scientific article for publication in the journal "Information and mathematical technologies in science and management" can be sent to the editorial office both to the official mail of the journal and through the website (the "Login" button).

The articles received by the editorial board are considered by the editorial board and sent to reviewers (double-blind review). Attention is drawn to the relevance of the journal's subject matter, the scientific level of the work, the correctness of the work and the conclusions obtained, references to previous works (at least 11-15 references), the significance of the work, clarity of presentation when reviewing articles. We recommend highlighting the novelty and originality of methods and results in the conclusion of the article to assess the scientific level. We also recommend authors look through the Ethics for authors to simplify accepting the article for publication. For more information about the rules of reviewing, see the Journal Policy section.

The journal "Information and mathematical technologies in science and management" are published as a periodical four times a year. Articles submitted before mid-March are published in the first two issues of the journal. Articles sent before the beginning of November are published in the third and fourth issues. Articles sent later than the mentioned dates will be published in the first issue of the following year. The decision to publish a scientific article in the journal "Information and Mathematical Technologies in Science and Management" is made by the editor-in-chief based on the reviews received. The full texts of articles accepted for publication are posted on the journal's website in the "Archive" section, in the eLibrary with indexing in the RSCI, in the CyberLeninka electronic scientific library, and are sent by the corresponding author by post. In case of successful peer review for the publication of the article, it is necessary to sign an author's agreement (hard copy or scanned copy) for the publication of the article in the journal and the placement of the full text of the article in the eLibrary.

For graduate students, undergraduates and students who are published without co-authors, it is additionally necessary to send recommendations (feedback to the article) of the supervisor with the email address of the supervisor.

The volume of the full text of the article is 11-15 pages. Design requirements and a template are located in the Article Template section (only in Russian).

The rules for sending, reviewing and publishing scientific articles are reflected in the journal's policy, the ethics of authors, as well as the rules for authors.

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