Journal's policy

Journal’s policy

Journal “Informational and mathematical technologies in science and management” is a peer-reviewed scientific periodical journal with a focus on theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of the development and application of modern information and mathematical technologies for solving scientific problems and problems of managing complex systems.

Journal publishes modern theoretical studies and methodological developments in areas of complex systems management, high-quality and innovative results of solving applied problems of managing complex systems, and review articles in such areas. These areas include, but not restricted to:

  • Mathematical modelling and its application in research
  • Methods and systems of artificial intelligence
  • Semantic modelling
  • Informational and computational technologies
  • Decision support systems and informational systems
  • Software systems
  • Visualization of research results

The journal is aimed at researchers, engineers, lecturers, and post-graduate students, who develop and apply modern informational and mathematical technologies to solve applied problems.

Publication ethics

Publication ethics of the journal “Informational and mathematical technologies in science and management” adheres to the rules and terms of international Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), published in Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and principles of Association of Science Editors and publishers (ASEP), published in declaration “Ethic principles of scientific publications”. Researchers (authors) and experts (reviewers) should strive to professional ethics of, e.g. ISACA and ISC communities. The basic regulatory principles of the journal and its management are its OPENNESS and AWARENESS about its work.

The journal is guided by the principle of free open access to published research, which promotes the dissemination of global knowledge exchange.

Publications are free of charge. Journal does not publish paid advertisements. Materials about current relevant scientific events and achievements are published free of charge in "first come, first served" basis.

Issues related to protection of personal data and classified data, intellectual property, including copyright protection, are regulated by Russian Federation law.

Editorial board is guided by principles and practices of Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors, developed by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Authors agreements

Journal’s full texts are available at

  • Russian scientific electronic library “CyberLeninka” (license agreement 34226-01 from February 7th, 2020).
  • E-Library (contract no. 202-04/16)

Journal is also included in Russian Index of Scientific Citation

In case if an article received positive review conclusion, authors must sign authors agreement (hard copy or scanned version) for publishing article in the journal and posting of a full text in E-Library and CyberLeninka.

For post-graduate students, undergraduates, and students, that are publishing without coauthors, it is necessary to additionally send recommendation (review) from the scientific advisor. In this review, novelty and relevance of the article should be highlighted.


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