Scope of the Journal

1. Theoretical and methodological aspects of information and mathematical technologies.

2. Methods and systems of artificial intelligence, intelligent computing.

3. Data mining, machine learning.

4. Informational and semantic modeling, semantic computing.

5. Ontological and cognitive engineering.

6. Mathematical modeling in scientific research, computational mathematics, optimization.

7. Methods of research on the sustainability of energy, socio-ecological and socio-economic systems.

8. Digital transformation of high-tech infrastructures.

9. Methods, technologies, and tools for creating intelligent energy systems.

10. Methods of construction and examples of implementation of Digital Twins.

11. Situational management, intelligent decision support systems in management.

12. Corporate information, geoinformation, intelligent systems.

13. Parallel, distributed, agent-based, and cloud computing.

14. Programming technologies and software engineering.

15. Cybersecurity (protection of information systems of critical infrastructures), cyber situational awareness.









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