Gennady P. Vinogradov, Yuri A. Voronin

Tver State Technical University

The task of the regional management system is to ensure the improvement of the quality of life of the living population by using man-made systems of various levels of complexity, which are created to meet certain needs determined by interests. The concentration of industrial facilities and the complexity of technological processes in them has created safety problems and increased risk of man-made disasters. In this regard, the problem of safety, quality of life, etc. should be considered in the context of the interests of using man-made systems. Objective: to develop an approach to managing regional development based on the concept of "acceptable" risk, while complying with the mandatory requirement to ensure technological safety and quality of life. A study of the problem of decision-making in active self-organizing systems in which people's motivation generates endogenous goals of functioning is performed. Research methods: General methodology and methods of system analysis, analytical modeling methods of the theory of active systems. Results: an approach is proposed for assessing the quality of life, the level of security in the region and studying emerging trends based on the use of active methods and information technologies. It is shown that the basis of their construction is self-organizing expert environments based on modern network and telecommunication technologies. A mathematical formulation and model for making coordinated decisions in the problem of technogenic safety management is developed. In contrast to the known approaches, it is proposed to use additional channels for obtaining information from network expert environments to form representations of the governing body about the state of the control object. A conceptual model of the mechanism of self-organization of such environments is developed.

Self-organization, regional development, expert environment, self-organization, network technologies, coordination of views, security