Zinaida A. Bakhvalova, Elena A. Kamyshova

Irkutsk National Research Technical University, ISPsystem Hosting Software

The role of formalization of requirements in software testing is considered in this article. The authors investigate such terms as “requirement to the software” and “testing of the software” and point out their interrelation. The analysis of the influence of low-quality requirements on software testing process is made and its results obtained show that the quality of requirements is important for all software development process. The requirements formalization is offered as a way of improvement of their quality. Several methods of formalization of requirements are considered, on each of them the conclusion is drawn on influence of the formalization on the manual and automated testing, but the considered methods offer formalization of behavior of system. The formal model has to describe the structure of data from the point of view of testing automation simplification (regarding preparation of data sets for tests). The similar model can be organized in the form of hierarchy.

requirements to the software, software testing, requirements formalization, quality of requirements