Alexander K. Cherkashin

V. B. Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS

The opportunity of a mathematical explanation of modern socio-political events in the Russian Federation and abroad is discussed. It reveals hidden patterns of stratification and isolation of society at all levels of its organization. New models of remote interaction are being formed: communication of different social strata, combining them into complexes of networks of information and functional connections. These laws are described in a through manner at different scales by meta-theoretical models and bundle methods using universal mathematical equations, axiomatic theory of activity and sustainable development, which combines the ethical, legal and political aspects of coexistence. The content interpretation of the formal approach is based on the ideas of the transcendental argumentation of I. Kant as the author of moral categorical imperative and the concept of the rule of law and political philosophy. An unconditional idea of a stable world order is formed, which is taken as social law expressing an ideal prototype of the future and the basis for predicting progressive forms of political activity

Mathematical modeling, stratification of the political space, sustainable development, meta-theoretical analysis of knowledge