Development the Technology for the Production of Thermal Energy Using Biomass

Liudmila V. Kulagina, Konstantin A. Shtym, Irina V. Kirillova

Siberian Federal University, Far Eastern Federal University

A sustainable trend of recent decades is the search for and implementation of efficient, rational and  renewable sources of thermal energy to reduce environmental pollution. Pellets from biomass (waste wood and agriculture) can be used as biofuels, which is an efficient method for obtaining biofuels with the same characteristics as wood. The article presents the results of experiments on obtaining pellets with the inclusion of animal waste and a mathematical model of the biofuel combustion process is proposed, confirming that the addition of animal waste in certain proportions to the biomass of raw materials is an environmentally friendly, resource-saving and efficient alternative to the production of traditional fuel.

energy security, indicator-based analysis, forecasting, optimization