Ontological analysis of the interrelationships of energy and socio-ecological systems

Tatyana N. Vorozhtsova

Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS

The paper is devoted to the need to integrate studies of energy and socio-ecological systems, due to their mutual influence. To support interdisciplinary research in these areas involving the integration of energy, environmental and social components, it is proposed to use an ontological approach to identifying, describing and structuring the relationships between these complex systems. The interrelations reflecting both negative and positive influence of functioning of power facilities on the corresponding socio-ecological system are considered. The indicators of sustainable development of socio-ecological systems are considered. In order to compare the positive and negative impact of the functioning of energy facilities on the population, quality of life indicators are considered as a way to assess this impact. Ontologies structuring the basic concepts of the subject area of research on the anthropogenic impact of energy facilities, quality of life and reflecting their integration are presented.

Ontological approach, anthropogenic impact, quality of life, energy system, socio-ecological system