Development of a library for planning and controlling the movements of the collaborative robot Kuka iiwa

Nikita V. Laptev, Andrey A. Kravchenko, Olga M. Gerget

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

The article presents a client-server library for the interaction of the Kuka LBR iiwa collaborative robot (on the KUKA Sunrise.OS operating system) with a remote PC. An intuitive high-level library implemented in the Matlab software package. Includes a server for the Kuka iiwa controller, as well as a client based on the MathWorks Matlab environment. The library's tool set includes more than 30 functions covering such operations as calculating forward and inverse kinematics, controlling the robot in Cartesian space and using sets of axis bends, path planning, graphical display and feedback. The developed software runs on a remote computer con-nected to the robot controller via the TCP/IP protocol. The article presents the developed methods and possible examples of robot control from the library.

Collaborative robot, iiwa, KUKA Sunrise.OS, Matlab