Development of an immersive virtual simulator with biofeedback based on a declarative model

Vyacheslav O. Strekalev, Valeriya V. Gribova

Institute of Automation and Control Processes Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The paper proposes a model of an immersive virtual simulator with biofeedback, which underlies the instrumental complex for creating, reproducing and maintaining immersive virtual simulators with biofeedback (IVT with BFB). The model is designed to form an information representation of a virtual simulator. The composition and interaction between the components of the model are shown, which make it possible to design, create, maintain and reproduce ICT with biofeedback. The stages of creation of ICT with biofeedback and the tools used are considered. The use of the instrumental complex is demonstrated in the example of the development of a virtual simulator. Currently, work is underway to describe scenarios for various research methods based on the presented model and their implementation.

ontology complex, virtual reality, virtual simulators, biofeedback, instrumental complex, virtual environment