Application of the principles of invariance for modeling bioengineering control objects

Svetlana I. Kolesnikova

St.Petersburg State University of Aerospaсe Instrumentation

The results of applying the invariance conditions as the basic principle of the synergetic control theory to stochastic objects of bioengineering orientation: immunology, biological treatment systems and the simplest ecosystem model are presented. It is shown on three nonlinear control objects that the assumptions of controllability of the object in the state space and the analytical description of the target invariant of the system are sufficient conditions for the existence of a stochastic controller that minimizes the variance of the output macrovariable when the random control object is output to the target set of states.

stochastic object of immunology, biological treatment system, ecosystem, nonlinear control of a bioengineering object, system invariant, state-space control of a dynamic system