Creating Big Knowledge and expanding the applications of mivar technologies of logical artificial intelligence

Oleg O. Varlamov


The advantages of mivar expert systems of logical artificial intelligence (AI) lie in the drastic reduction in the computational complexity of automatically building algorithms and inference from N! to linear N and expansion of basic productions of the “If, Then” format from formal logic to the implementation of computational procedures in a single information and control space. This allows you to create decision support systems, simulate real business processes, plan and rebuild the actions of robotic complexes and cyber-physical systems in real time, and automatically build algorithms for solving problems based on the mivar knowledge base. “Big Knowledge” is the combination and synthesis of heterogeneous knowledge bases, which provides a qualitative transition and provides great opportunities for creating AI systems. The development of the inference machine "Razumator" is done by programmers, and the creation of Big Knowledge is done by analysts, who are called: knowledge engineers, cognitologists, etc. Great Knowledge can be gradually increased and increased in size, both quantitatively and qualitatively, for example, to create an Active Mivar Encyclopedia. The creation of new knowledge bases for various subject areas led to the expansion of the areas of application of mivar technologies and made it possible to solve new problems for expert systems: planning robot routes; optimization of resource allocation; action planning and project budgeting; dynamic calculation of multidimensional vectors and their comparison; selection of teams and combinations of characters; information security and many others. In fact, these are all problems for which a person reasons and uses the If-Then rules or the Entry-Action-Exit procedures. In addition, to create complex AI systems, mivar technologies are successfully combined with neural network methods, for example, for image and speech recognition. Logical artificial intelligence was created on the basis of mivar technologies and now it must be trained by creating Big Knowledge, which will increase labor productivity and create autonomous intelligent robots and much more.

mivar, mivar networks, knowledge bases, ontologies, decision-making system, mivar expert system, MOGAN, MIPRA, CESMI, Wi!Mi, Razumator, Big Knowledge, robots, modeling, learning