Development and testing of the knowledge mapping methodology of a knowledge-intensive organization

Elvira Ya. Grinberg, Evgeny A. Verzin

St. Petersburg State University, LLC “Gazpromneft Science & Technology Centre”

Systematic mapping, categorization and comparative analysis of the organizational knowledge allows executives to make informed managerial decisions. The fragmentation and heterogeneity of knowledge sources, as well as the lack of unification of their assessment is key problem in forming a system of intellectual decision support based on knowledge mapping. This paper presents the development and testing of a knowledge mapping methodology as a response to the described problem. A distinctive feature of the presented approach is the methodological reliance on ontological engineering. The ontology was developed and proposed for updating to the working group. It took into account the following areas: functional knowledge, in-depth profile knowledge, possession of specialized software, knowledge of contractors, knowledge gained as a result of project work. Data collection for the digital map was carried out using a survey of employees and supplemented with information provided by the sub-division.

Knowledge map, ontology, competence mapping, knowledge dashboard