Synthesis of the system of control, monitoring and evaluation of the state of an anaerobic bioreactor

Anastasia A. Fomenkova, Alexander A. Klyucharev, Svetlana I. Kolesnikova

St.Petersburg State University of Aerospaсe Instrumentation

The article presents a conceptual scheme for monitoring and formalizing the control action on the technical state of a complex system using an anaerobic bioreactor as an example. The mathematical apparatus and the algorithmic support that implements it are presented as the basis for the synthesis of an intelligent process control system at enterprises. Examples of analytical synthesis of an adaptive control system for a non-linear multidimensional object and an algorithm for the observer of an unmeasured variable are given.

anaerobic biological treatment system, monitoring, non-linear control synthesis, dynamic object invariant, assessment of the state of a complex object, state observer