Digital twin development of a wind farm: problem statement and construction

Liudmila V. Massel, Alexey G. Massel, Nikita I. Shchukin, Alexey R. Tsybikov

Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS

The article is devoted to the development of a digital twin (DT) of a wind farm. A review of existing solutions in this area is made. The approach to the construction of DT, based on ontological engineering, is considered in detail. The main steps of ontological engineering are described. A fragment of the system of ontologies of wind systems is given. A mathematical model for determining the operation parameters of a wind power plant, used in the construction of DT, is considered. The article also focuses on the design of a DT architecture, including a digital shadow, a digital model, and a control system. Also in the article is the stage of implementation of the prototype DT wind farm.

digital twin, ontologies, databases, wind energy