Using multilevel decomposition to create a digital twin of the electronic equipment assembly production

Alexey E. Kurnosenko, Andrey I. Vlasov

Bauman Moscow State Technical University

The paper presents an approach to creating a digital twin of the PCB electronic equipment production. A two-level decomposition of the production process into operations, steps and further to the functional units of the used technological equipment and tools for automated and manual assembly operations is applied. The modeling of manual assembly operations is considered, a complex digital model of the workplace for component mounting using an anthropomorphic dummy of the assembly operator is presented. Tecnomatix software from Siemens DI was used. On the example of the developed digital production model and the typical product, a number of scenarios for organizing the workplace and the production site as a whole are considered, discrete simulation modeling is performed, and the main results are analyzed in relation to the performance of the designed site. The digital model was modernized in order to increase the loading of process equipment and increase the overall productivity of the assembly site.

preproduction, digital manufacturing, digital twin, manufacturing automation, electronic module manufacturing, discrete simulation modeling